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Ballistol Gun Cer Keramisk olja, spray 200ml

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Firearm tuning product with ceramic additive

  •  For professional snipers, hunters and law enforcement, for rifles, shotguns or handguns
  • Special mixture of ceramic additives provide maximum performance and safe shot accuracy
  • Reduces friction and deterioration of the firearm
  • Smoothes roughness (under load, roughness at the friction points will be reduced by flowgliding and plastically deformation of the friction point, whichextremely reduces the friction in order to keep your firearm in best shape)
  • Reduced power losses while reloading Self-loading pistols and rifles (even with weak load ammunition), resulting in less interferences
  • Excellent corrosion protection, prevents fretting corrosion
  • Works in a temperature range from -40°C to +210°C
  • Ceramic additive even ensures lubrication up to +1000° C
  • Water resistant & non-resining
  • Without additions of silicon and PTFE


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