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DAA .223 Fast-Flow Powder Funnel DAA .223 Fast-Flow Powder Funnel DAA .223 Fast-Flow Powder Funnel DAA .223 Fast-Flow Powder Funnel

DAA .223 Fast-Flow Powder Funnel

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The DAA .223 Fast-Flow Funnel  is designed to improve powder-flow consistency and greatly reduce bridging of stick or flake powders often used in these calibers. Designed in collaboration with Aerospace Systems Engineer Andrew Murrell, CSEP, this funnel will not fail to enhance your 223 reloading experience, and will be a life-saver with some powder types!

Our Powder funnel is beautifully machined from SUS303 Stainless steel and Electro-Polished to a gleaming mirror finish. This material offers excellent rust resistance and wear durability. The tight tolerances and glass-smooth finish, both inside and out, assure ultimate performance and powder flow.

The DAA .223 Fast-Flow Funnel  has an internal funnel shape very different from the original Dillon part. The DAA funnel has a long tapered cone internally, which allows powder to flow better and without hang-ups. The underside cut follows the original design, centering the case  mouth perfectly to receive the powder charge.

Compatible with Dillon Powder Measures.


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