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PCC Compensator Equalizer 9 mm Steel PCC Compensator Equalizer 9 mm Steel

PCC Compensator Equalizer 9 mm Steel

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1/2″ – 28

Equalizer compensator / muzzle brake was designed from the ground up by studying gas flow of the low pressure 9 mm pistol caliber. Three chambers are designed to catch as much gasses as possible and divert them upwards and at the same time reduce felt recoil. The result are faster follow-up shots in smaller groups and less overall movement of the firearm.

It’s precision machined to tight tolerances, made of barrel steel and blued with matte finish. It’s built like a tank and will likely outlast the barrel.

Chambers are radially shaped and feature smooth interior and no sharp corners to allow for smooth gas flow and at the same time ease cleaning. Equalizer also includes three custom fitted scrapers for cleaning/scraping each gas chamber. We recommend cleaning the chambers after every shooting session or after maximum 500 rounds. No additional chemical or mechanical cleaning is required.

Equalizer has been designed and thoroughly tested by several highly competitive PCC shooters.


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